The Pursuit of Purpose

Purpose, and your quest to find it, are strong motivating factors in all your pursuits in life. Many people spend a lot of time looking for that one special purpose.

However, your purpose will not necessarily be just one thing, and will very likely not be what you are expecting it to be.

Chasing after your purpose can be the fuel to the fire of your daily life. It can be the driving force behind your journey towards success in both professional as well as personal avenues.

The Value of Purpose

The pursuit of purpose is a long and winding journey, wrought with confusion and many an obstacle. However, looking for purpose, and finding it, has a lot of value.

It forces you to focus on the bigger picture, to look beyond and channel your efforts into something bigger and better. It becomes a daily motivator of sorts—a reason to get out of bed every day with the urge to take the world on anew. Our need to find something bigger and better will never be satiated—but the journey towards finding your purpose is what will keep you moving on towards a brighter, more productive you.

Do More and Be More

In your search for your purpose, you’re going to be doing a lot of thinking. You’re going to wonder about what makes you feel motivated and what you want to be doing years down the line.

You’ll come across new ideas every day and ruminate on their potential. However, finding your purpose can only come by getting yourself to act on thoughts.

If you want to do something—or think you’d like to be doing something—do it. Step out of your comfort zone and try out new things, things you may have never even considered yourself partaking in.

Rediscover the passions you indulged in during your younger years and get a feel for what seems to fit just right. Explore all the wondrous possibilities, and in that process you will discover true clarity—a clarity that will take you towards your purpose.


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Lisa Scholfield

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