Timeless Relationship Tips: How You Can Survive When the Going Gets Tough


Relationships are anything but simple. There will be times when you will feel absolute bliss and there will be times when you will start questioning everything about relationships, including the idea of marriage itself.

Marriage is a constant struggle. The idea is to keep working at it. The moment you stop making an effort, it will become sour and lifeless. Here are some timeless tips to ensure that your relationship gets through the rough patch smooth and easy:

Try New Things Together

As time passes, things start to get boring. An article by the New York Times talks about a series of experiments that test this very idea. In one of the experiments, one group was asked to do a mundane task (walking back and forth); whereas, couples in the other group were given a relatively challenging task – they were asked to crawl back and forth and move the ball with their wrists tied together. Both the groups rated their love and satisfaction before and after the experiment. It was found that the couples who took part in the more challenging task scored higher on these scales than the other group.

Whether it is traveling a new country or going paragliding, make sure you find some novel activity that is rewarding for the both of you.

2Spend Time Pursuing Common Interests

From watching your all-time favorite Schindler’s List to going out for a walk in the starry sky, make sure you spend time pursuing activities that are rewarding to both of you. Regularly, doing things together will strengthen the bond and keep the energy alive.

Communicate Effectively in Conflict

Conflicts are an inevitable part of a relationship (you should be worried if you don’t have any). However, there are both productive and counterproductive ways of dealing with the situation.

For instance, your argument should be a solution and not another attempt at degrading your partner. Moreover, be open about issues. The better you communicate, the better are your chances of keeping it smooth.

Have Friends and Activities Outside of the Relationship

An ideal relationship is not when the two partners complete each other, it is when they complement each. Each of you should have an independent and complete personality, with friends and hobbies, outside of the relationship. This will ensure that both of you have something new to bring to the table.

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