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Top 4 Causes of Conflicts in the Workplace

In the office, try as you may to remain calm and professional, there are always at least one or two colleagues which test your patience.

Workplace conflicts are inevitable but by understanding their root-causes, you may be able to resolve them.

Take a look at these most common causes of conflicts in the office:

1) Clash of personalities

Clashing personalities is one of the leading causes of workplace conflicts.

In the office, each person comes from a different background and experiences. This diversity helps organizations prosper. However, if these people with opposing personalities are constantly butting heads, it leads to conflicts.

Coworkers need to look past their personal differences, acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses and focus on what is better for the organization.

2) Competitiveness

Healthy competition is beneficial but if competition means sabotaging or holding resentment for another coworker then conflicts are bound to surface.

Such conflicts are most common in organizations where compensation is tied to the performance of the employee.

Competition does motivate employees to work harder but it can also leads to jealousy and bitterness amongst coworkers.

Companies should make a point to remind their employees that they are all working towards a common goal.

3) Poor communication

Ever had a coworker that didn’t communicate valuable information to you when it was required?

Failure to communicate essential information always angers fellow coworkers. A good workplace team eases communication between members through team projects where each member is encouraged to contribute ideas. They can also avail team-building activities that aim to enhance communication.

4) Differences in values

Each person in the office has their own set of values. Some employers are more than happy to work after-office hours while others prioritize work-life balance.

Young employees will take a sigh of relief when walking into an office where the majority of workers belong to their age group. A professional setting is one of the few places where different generations are required to work together. You can always expect there to be some disagreement in such cases.

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