Want an Expert’s Touch With Your Lice Removal? Call The Experts!

Want an Expert’s Touch With Your Lice Removal? Call The Experts!

Ask someone their deepest, darkest, most disgusting secret.

Some will fess up some old classic rock crush from the 80s.

Some may reveal the weirdest food combinations.

And then some will blurt out how they dealt with the worst case of lice infestation—as an adult!

This will be said in hushed, embarrassed tones. A few discreet looks here and there will also feature to make sure nobody is listening.

With over 6–12 million head lice infestations reported every year in the United States, it’s surprising how stigmatized this subject still is. Forget people’s adamant refusal to talk about this subject, many parents are in the dark regarding proper head lice removal and treatment!

Head Lice Removal and Treatment, According to Experts

They say if you need to have a job done accurately and thoroughly, call in the experts.

They help first time lice-stricken kids! For instance, Florida and New York based Lice Busters offer discreet, safe and effective lice removal treatment to clients at their family friendly lice treatment clinics. What more can you want?

In addition, professional lice removal experts promote the vision of a lice-free America by offering the following guideline:

Look Before You Touch (Don’t Touch At All If Possible)

Why would anyone want to touch hair lice, willingly? Yes, nobody would besides lice removal technicians. However, that is thought to be the easiest way head lice can be detected! It’s not only the easiest but the only way. Look at crown of your child’s while trying not to touch the hair. Slight movement will let you know of an infestation.

You will need to search for lice eggs if there are no other signs of an infestation. Look:

  • Behind the ears
  • Around the bangs
  • Along the hairline
  • At nape of the neck

Heading to your nearest Lice Busters lice treatment center is the next plan of action regarding lice screening and inspection.

Avoid OTC Chemical-Induced Lice Treatment Products

Several studies conducted by established medical bodies and institutions have come to the conclusion that OTC chemically-laced shampoos and lotions no longer work to kill lice.

These little critters have become resistant to the harsh chemicals found in such products. Don’t put faith in them, especially products that claim to kill lice eggs.

There is nothing in the market that kills nits, which is why manual nitpicking has become an important service offered by lice treatment centers. Even afterwards, individuals must come for re-treatment within 14 days of first treatment for a higher success rate.

Experts also suggest a full house inspection and cleanup after a head lice scare and its treatment. What better lice treatment clinic than Lice Busters? Make an appointment today!


Lisa Scholfield

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