A Winning Attitude and Improving Sales: Is There a Link?

Improving sales and enhancing the productivity of your business is about skill and expertise, yes, but it is also about the attitude you take on. A positive attitude is a valuable asset to have in all facets of life. Positivity attracts positivity, and a winning attitude can lead to better sales! 

It’s All About the Attitude

The attitude that we present to the world comes from within ourselves – we are in total control of it. We are the ones who determine our attitude toward life, toward our job and toward other people. A negative attitude will only breed negativity and bring you down as well as those around you.

The Power of Positivity

Positivity breeds positivity, and most people tend to gravitate toward those who exude it. A positive attitude as a salesperson means you are confident about the goods or services you are selling and genuine toward clients. Customers sense this and are much more likely to buy from someone who projects a favorable and optimistic demeanor.

Attaining That Winning Attitude to Boost Sales

So how does one go about constructing an attitude that is positive and profitable? Looking on the bright side may sound like a cheesy platitude, but there is definitely some merit to the saying. If you, as salesperson, believe and have confidence in your ability to make a sale, you are more likely to achieve it. If you are assured about the quality of the product or service you are selling, your customers will be, too.

Article22Bring good changes into everyday interactions and build relationships with customers that are centered on positive exchanges. If the customer trusts you, he or she will trust what you are selling. It’s all about changing up your internal attitude to reflect on the external. Our thoughts play a powerful part when it comes to the face we show to the world!

Bill Wooditch is a business keynote speaker who encourages audiences to invest in their own goals and bring change through the power of their attitude. Through his own enormous success as a businessperson, he has valuable insight and experience to offer when it comes to sales and becoming a game-changer in both your personal and professional life. Hire him to speak at your next corporate event!

Lisa Scholfield

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